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If your patient has a rare, undiagnosed condition and you seek referral for in-depth clinical study, we may be able to help. Please note we are a research center and unable to provide standard of care clinical consults at this time. If you have specific medical questions regarding eligibility please contact us to arrange a time to speak with our Lead Research Coordinator or Medical Directors.

To apply your patient to our research program:

  1. Discuss our program with your patient; we will need their approval to participate.
  2. Write a detailed letter of referral using the following instructions and template: healthcare_provider_referral_template-3.docx
  3. Request the patient to complete their initial application here where they will enter their information and submit your letter of referral. You may assist them in this process or you may contact our Coordinating Center at 1-844-746-4836 (1 844 Ring UDN) for application assistance. They may request Stanford as the site of preference or another site as desired.
  4. Please allow time for us to conduct in-depth clinical case reviews. On average this process takes 6-12 weeks. You may be asked to consult with our clinical team as the physician of record. We will contact you and your patient when the review is completed.

Notice: We have significant numbers of applicants and not all cases can be accepted. For questions read FAQs.