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"The UDN, based on a pilot program launched in 2008 at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, is developing approaches for the diagnosis of difficult-to-solve medical cases. Along with traditional methods, doctors pursue medical diagnoses for patients by analyzing DNA sequence, which can reveal variants in patients' genome that may be the cause of a disease. Genome sequencing is an increasingly fast and inexpensive technology that only recently has been used for patient diagnosis.

Genome sequencing for patients from the NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program (UDP) has identified individual variation in genes that clinical researchers want to understand better, especially how their function or malfunction may affect a disease condition. Investigation of gene function is a critical step in the process leading to diagnoses and potential treatments for patients with these rare or new diseases." full article here

PODCAST: Euan Ashley on harnessing the power of genomics.

Breaking Diagnoses from the Stanford Team: 

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Featured Papers on the Undiagnosed Diseases Network: 

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Other Selected Works:


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